Saturday, 18 July 2015

Dig Deep with Paul Thornton #25 (Itch / Dig Deep)

This month we continue to bring you all that's good in the world of music. No special guest this time around, so you can expect 3 hours of hand selected gems covering old school jazz to new school techno and everything in between...

We start out with the newer disco and house stuff before digging deep in the funk & soul crates and rounding things off with a section of chilled beauties.

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Paul Thornton (Itch / Dig Deep)
Saturday 18th July 2015


Friday, 3 July 2015

Dig Deep Recommends: Tom Boogizm - Pariah-Caste (Vol. 2)

So Tom Boogizm's new tape is out and it's one of those that makes you sit back and listen. It's called 'I Can't Sleep Because My Mind Won't Switch Off' and as you would expect it's beautifully murky, subterranean and downright odd music that stinks of late night sessions - I love it!

Perfect for those disenchanted souls that feel the music scene is ready for something fresh, to my ears this sit's somewhere between Burial, Flying Lotus, and the LPs by LNRDCROY and Linkwood on Firecracker in terms of landmark material that will stand the test of time.

This 2nd volume in the series is limited to 50 copies and is only available via Boomkat and Piccadilly Records. Check the review of Volume 1 that came out last year here. Surely it won't be too long before someone picks these up for a vinyl release.

Read full review of Pariah-Caste (Vol. 2) - Tom Boogizm on ©

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cream Of The Crop - Summer Grooves Vinyl Chart

New vinyl chart with an arm full of gems from the last couple of month's plus some forthcoming must haves.

The Number 1 slot goes to the essential Amerika 7" from Kai Alce. Limited to 300 copies this is already as rare as hens teeth. Respect to the Jelly Roll Soul DJs for putting me on that!

Number 2 sees Esa dropping an afro-disco bomb straight out of Kenya on the Highlife World Series. Whilst Number 3 goes to a previous 'Dig Deep New Producer Of The Month' - it's Love Drop Edits debut 12" on Disco Deviance and you may have heard me playing  B Side track The Buzz on the show... Bomb.

We have a rare re-entry at Number 4 in the guise of Maalem Mahmoud Guina, Floating Points and James Holden's forthcoming 12" on Eglo. I have heard there was a pressing issue so the release date was put back. Number 5 goes to Deetron for his slamming The Believer track. Right place, right time, this will go off.

Soul heads head straight for Number 6 for the cripplingly good Gimme A Little Action by Sam Dees on a Kent 7" reissue. The repress of Rahaan Edits vol 3 flew out of Juno in a day but now have them back in stock. Piccadilly Records have listed it with a later release date so let's hope there will be a few to go around - the first pressing is now £50 on Discogs!!

Hip Hop heads will not be disappointed by the new Slum Village Yes! LP. Harvey Sutherland is back with another winner, this time on MCDE. And we round off the Top 10 with PTA aka Pittsburgh Track Authority Edits #3 who have delivered instant winner versions of Step By Step's 'I Always Wanted To Be In A Band' and Joe Thomas's version of  'Lowdown'.

And that's just the Top 10. There are another 20 more gems to go at. Start the player or follow the links for the full Top 30.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #24 with Mike Yates (Dead Horse Gang)

We continue the series on Cowbell Radio with 3 hours of hand picked music and another special guest selector in the mix... This month we welcome Mike Yates from the Dead Horse Gang to the Dig Deep family.

The Dead Horse Gang is a 7 man crew that includes 78 Edits, Sam Pemberton, Tim Hamblin, Old Boy, Mike Boorman and Tim Forester. Recent guests at their night in Carlisle include Marcel Vogel, Ruf Dug and Harri n Domenic.

Expect House Disco Brazilian Boogie Edits and probably some other bits in between. It's fair to say that Mike has that Loft vibe spot on and his mix is as smooth as it is sweet. Don't miss this chance to check out Mike Yates in the mix. Catch it first exclusively on Cowbell Radio...

Here's a little pre-show Q&A if you don't already know about Mike Yates's background:

How long have been buying vinyl?
For the best part of 20 years.

Are you a selector or a collector?
I'd say I'm more of a selector although there's a few labels that I don't like to miss stuff on.

When did you get into DJing and why?
There was a monthly party that used to go down in Carlisle called Perfect. It was just a dark basement with a big system, smoke machine and strobe light. A lot of the Cream residents like Paul bleasdale and Les Ryder used to play there a lot and Tom Wainwright and Graeme Park were also on regularly. I'd always thought myself as a bit of a DJ at secondary school as my mate Piehead had a set of 22s and a 'made to fade' mixer set up in his bedroom. We used to buy old Italian house and happy hardcore. We were proper shit!

So when I heard the music that was being played at perfect I wanted another bite of the cherry and as soon as I could afford a set of 1210s I got some. I got friendly with Patrick Irwin who was a resident at Perfect and he owned Rhythm Express records in Carlisle, which is sadly missed and ironically a nightclub is in its place. He used to hook me up with amazing tunes. He knew his shit man. He still does!

I built up a decent collection of tunes and after almost every Perfect I'd go back to my parents house in a taxi , load my set up into it and take it round to which ever after party was going!
Perfect then sadly finished in 2000 and nothing was really happening in Carlisle. Then Matt Tyson who now runs the popular and successful Uber nights in Carlisle started putting little party's on and I gave him a mixtape I'd made and he liked it and he asked me to play for him. Think he had Seb Fontaine on. I was shitting it but it must of went well cos I've played at some brilliant party's he's promoted with the likes of Derrick Carter, The Revenge, Norman Jay MBE, Groove Armada and Crazy P to name a few.

Who and what are your influences?
Larry levan, Dave Mancuso, MCDE, Soulwax, Michael Jackson, Todd Terje, Optimo Espacio, 6th Borough Project, Joey Negro, MAW, The Revenge, Kenny Hawkes, Peace Division, I could go on...

How would you describe your style?
I like to play all kinds of stuff from Soul to techno. Id like to think my sets were energetic and fun. If it's a good record I'll play it. Anything with a groove.

Where can people hear you playing?
You can hear me play monthly at Open Mind Music and Arts bar and we've got some tasty party's lined up forSeptember and October. I'm also playing Solfest in August alongside Doug Chippendale aka Old Boy.

Tell me about Dead Horse Gang?
Dead horse Gang was born a couple of years ago when Doug and I decided that cos there wasn't really anywhere in Carlisle where we could go and have a boogie to the tunes we love that we needed to fill that gap. We'd both put partys on to varying degrees of success so we knew the club owners etc and both knew some like minded DJs who we'd met at various festivals and club nights over the years. So we hired The Brickyard and some Funktion 1 speakers and a Rane rotary mixer and put a party on and it worked, and we're still doing them now nearly 3 years on...

What have you got coming up next and later in the year?
Next up is Solfest in August where we're playing 12 till 3 in Loungevity. Looking forward to that one. Then we've got some special guests in September and December before rounding off the year on Boxing night in Open Mind with a very special guest. Watch this space!

Where can people check you out online?
Mike's chart on Juno Records

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Mike Yates (Dead Horse Gang)
Saturday 20th June 2015


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #23 with Boogie Nite (Lumberjacks In Hell / Glenview)

This month we welcome back Chicago based DJ and long standing Dig Deep Family member Boogie Nite to the show.

Needing little introduction these days, Boogie Nite honed his skills playing on the Windy City's underground party scene alongside a hot bed of iconic DJs, and is a member of the Chicago based Chuck Brothers; a collective of DJ's and Producers which includes DJ Rahaan, Cee White, Bruce Ivery & Afrodesia to name a few.

As a producer, he has released tracks under the name Urban Legendz, and for the last few years has been dropping gem after gem on the prolific Lumberjacks In Hell and Glenview record labels.

His disco-groove come 'house' based Shine EP on Glenview set the scene back in January 2013, and shared a double A-Side with Jamie 3:26 made up Lumberjack In Hell's 7th release in the April.

A couple of releases per year later and Boogie Nite has quietly built up a quality back catalogue which includes Make Me Hot, that came with remixes by Glenn Underground and Rahaan, and a track on 2014 best selling release - The Chicago Service EP.

The Chi EP is due to be released soon on Glenview. Check 'Better Than Yours' for a jump up soulful disco belter...

But as always, his skills behind the decks are the reason we have lined Boogie Nite up for his 3rd mix for the show.

Don't miss this chance to check out Boogie Nite in the mix. Catch it first exclusively on Cowbell Radio.

As usual PT will have a raft of deep cuts covering the usual unusual selections...

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Boogie Nite (Lumberjacks In Hell / Glenview)
Saturday 16th May 2015

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Digital Desires - May 2015 Download Chart

My recommended Downloads covering the digital releases from the last couple of months. Brand new to retro, live and electronic, sometimes both...

First up is a track I have been hammering recently by Merwyn & Inkswell. Grab a brew, click the player below and dig in.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cream Of The Crop - May 2015 Vinyl Chart

We are not even half way through the year but already we have two contenders for freshest track of the year. Topping the vinyl chart this month is DJ Spider's afrotechno bomb 'Nuclear Winter'. It's an infectious heads down stomper from the The Trilogy Tapes label.

Meanwhile the number 2 slot goes to Maalem Mahmoud Guinia, Floating Points and James Holden's 'Mimoum Marhaba' - another fusion of world music and modern day electronica that quickly sneaks up behind you and smacks you about the head with it's brilliance.

There are another 28 recommendations to go at from jazz infused techno to gospel funk and everything in between. Get a brew, use the player below and dig in.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dig Deep Recommends: Tom Boogizm - Praiah-Caste (Vol. 1)

The cassette tape appears to be making a bit of a come back as more and more underground artists use the media as a vehicle to get their music out there.

This month Tom Boogizm, one of the lads behind the best new small but seminal club nights to come out of the north in the last 5 years, discretely slipped out a beat tape and I have just had a chance to hear it.

Aware that Tom has been working away in his Moss Side based studio for a while now, I was keen to hear what he's been up to.  The 3 tracks I heard are the kind of murky dubfunk infested vibes that are akin to his DJ sets. His love of hip hop shines through as he skillfully overlaps rapped lyrics no doubt lifted from his treasured vinyl. The sound is raw and reminds me of Flying Lotus, Dilla and Omar S.

Now very much immersed in the Manchester music scene, hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to come.

The tape is available from Bookat who describes the release as: "**Bespoke, hand-made J-cards. Edition of 30 (or 50, label can't remember)** Ascendant Manc DJ, Tom Boogizm relinquishes a headful of squashed edits in 'Praiah-Caste Vol.1 2014'. Crumbled with pie-eatin' digits and hashed out in Moss Side, it sounds something like listening to Peace FM on qaaludes - smoking up a stack of slackened boogie, hip hop and dub joints with the trunk-ready flex of DJ Screw or Delroy Edwards' 'Slowed Down Funk' volumes. For those who like it rugged and raw; this one you. Gwan check some of his mixes online, too. They're mint."

Read full review of Praiah-Caste (Vol. 1) - Tom Boogizm on ©

Juno Records latest campaign

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #22 with Old Boy (Dead Horse Gang)

This month we welcome Old Boy aka Doug Chippendale to the Dig Deep Family. One of the North West's up and coming DJ and promoters, his Dead Horse Gang have consistently set the benchmarch for great guests at their events which cover all that's good in the world of music.  At the end of March they welcome chief lumberjack Marcel Vogel and fellow face Ruf Dug to the city.

As we got under starters orders we did a little Q&A type thing to get to know the party loving jockey...

How long have been buying vinyl?
I've been buying records on and off for 15 years.

Are you a selector or a collector?
I guess you could call me a selector who collects random stuff that makes me happy.

When did you get into DJing and why?
I bought my first set of turntables at the tender age of 15. My older sister saved me from happy hardcore and after listening to am old mike c an graham park mix tape I was hooked on house music and have never looked back.

Where do your influences come from?
Along the way I've been influenced by the likes of Yousef, Todd Terry, Lil Louis, MAW, Theo Parrish, Underground Resistance, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter you get the jist!

Where will people have heard you playing?
Over the past few years I've held a residency at Uber and have played festival's such as Wickerman, Beat-Herder and Solfest. As well as playing up and down the country, Leeds, Cornwall, Newcastle...

What have been the highlights of the last 15 years?
I'd say a few personal highlights have been warming up for Greg Wilson, Crazy P, Krysko, The Unabombers, and playing the same bills as Groove Armada, Sasha, Derrick Carter, Sneak and Yousef.

How would you describe your style?
I just like playing good honest music. If it makes me jump around or get emotional when I first hear it I want others to experience what I've just felt from that certain track. I never plan sets, I just go with the flow.

Tell us about Dead Horse Gang?
I put together the Dead Horse Gang cause we've ran nights up here in Carlisle to different degrees of success. Over the years, at other nights I have been involved with, we've had the likes of Andy Votel, Gas Lamp Killer, DJ Format and the Unabombers to name a few. I always wanted to bring a sound to the city that I feel needed to be heard. However it's a struggle trying to educate people away from what's popular. So I hung up my promoting hat a few years ago but just couldn't give in. So Dead Horse was born. Hence like flogging a dead horse. The gang is made up of 78 Edits, Sam Pemberton, Tim Hamblin, Mike Yates, Mike Boorman and Tim Forester, and recent guests include Harri n Domenic. We're steadily getting a trot on and people seem to dig what we do at last.  On March 28th we have Marcel Vogel and Ruf Dug doing a 4 hour back to back set!

What have you got coming up next and later in the year?
You can catch myself and various members of the gang playing up an down the country this year. We've got Beat-Herder and Solfest coming up.

Where can people check you out online?
All details of gigs will be on the Dead Horse Gang facebook group: -

Don't miss this chance to check out Old Boy in the mix. Catch it first exclusively on Cowbell Radio...

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Old Boy (Dead Horse Gang)
Saturday 21st March 2015


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Cream Of The Crop - March 2015 Vinyl Chart

This month's #1 spot goes to the latest signing on Cottam's excellent Ruff Draft label. The sweet as house music from Chesus aka Earl Jeffers has to be labels best release to date.  Hot on it's heels is that long awaited afro bomb from Watson on An.Art. There are a couple more gems from Rahaan, Secret Squirrel #6 and the debut release on Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco's new Paradise Row label.

Deeper heads should check the ER 12", the Linkwood LP (review to follow), the essential repress of Rick Wilhte's Analogue Aquarium LP, OOFT's string laden take of Sade and the Detroit Visionaries EP. Downbeat fans need to listen to the Dilla-esque 'Rockaway Beach' by M5K.

There is a raft of classic boogie and disco on Unidisc Canada - these look legit. The much sought after Supafunkanova Volume 1 from Joey Negro and Sean P as well their Volume 2 follow up - both packed to brim with groove after groove.

7 x 7"s lead the way on the funk side with must haves coming from Anthems Of The North, Millie Wright, proper latin from Conjunto Los Felcas, Mukatsuku's Afro Gems Volume 5 plus a restock of Ian Neville's edit of Dance Your Blues Away.

Lastly don't miss what could potentially be a summer anthem from Lonely Boy on Futureboogie. It's the 10 minute long 'Emperor Machine Disco To Go Special extended dub mix' of 'I Like Disco' that I keep going back to.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #21 with Voc Walters (Chicago)

This month's special guest for Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio is Chicago based DJ and all round nice guy Voc Walters.  It's the 4th mix Voc has done for the show over the last couple of years and his trademark style is both clear and present.

Although he is well versed in the sound of the Windy City, Voc never rests on it's laurels and instead chooses to pick his way through the fresh sounds coming out of Europe at the same time as giving a nod to his roots.

Voc first started spinning records at the age of 12. Growing up on the south side of Chicago provided him with many influences such as the Hot Mix 5, Pharris Thomas, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Lil Louis & Steve Hurley.

Early gigs in the 80's included The Ascot Hotel, The Hyde Park Racketball Club and a guest appearance on WKKC Chicago alongside the likes of Mr. Gene Hunt, Tyree Cooper and Lloyd Dev just to name a few...

After taking a break from DJing, Voc returned to the scene in 2007 and hasn't looked back. Voc has made recent appearances at Artis's Lounge in Chicago, one with Gene Hunt, and at the Output Lounge with Dave Britton and Czr. He has also done The Uptown Lounge and Leo's Den, as well as being an occasional guest DJ on Chicago's Soul 106.3 FM along side of Mike Dunn, Dj Lil John and Sundance as well as WKKC 89.3 F.M. Chicago.

Voc is as a resident Dj on where he is the creator of the 'Operation Underground' mix show. Voc continues to bring you Classic/Disco while focusing on introducing you to the new underground style of house with hints of a unique type of music that peaks your interest. Voc's goal is to give you a complete house experience with every mix and to leave you wanting more.

Recent influences include Larry Heard, Gene Hunt, Lloyd Dev, Julius The Mad Thinker, Jamie 326, Osunlade & Dj Emanuel.

Every mix from Voc so far has included a sneaky edit or version of a killer track and this one is no exception. The mix comes in 2 parts - Part 1 is for the disco heads and is full of the current sound of Dig Deep, whilst Part 2 takes us back to the 1980s with some big hitters that no doubt influenced 'House' in it's early days.

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Voc Walters (Chicago)
Saturday 21st February 2015

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cream Of The Crop - January 2015 Vinyl Chart

Latest additions to the box... brand new // retro // live // electronic. 4  x 10" slabs of J Dilla beats from the SP-1200 Batches box set occupy the top 5. Check the short review for more information and links.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Dig Deep Recommends: J Dilla - Beats Batches

Yancey Media Group over in the US just sneaked out 4 x 10"s of J Dilla's Beats. Taken from the SP-1200 Batches, with 10 beats per record for generally less than £15 each, these are getting snapped up quickly. The were originally released in the limited edition SP-1200 box set which included different artwork, a cassette and floppy disc.

From the opening intro of his "instruction type manual type shit" on Batch 1 you know this is another essential piece of Dilla history choc full of unheard Jaydee grooves.

Not just filler scraps off the cutting room floor, each of the 4 Beats Batches have 2 or 3 tracks on them that will have any die hard Dilla fan bobbing their head immediately.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Top 30 Chart

As record sales continued to climb in 2014 there was a plentiful supply of new releases from both the up and coming and the time served dons. Add to that the ever expanding pool of reissues, re-edits and compilations and we had smörgåsbord of wax to go at. These are just some of the tunes that moved me in 2014. Part 2 to follow early 2015.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #20 End Of Year Throwdown 2014

It's time for our annual End Of Year Throwdown on Cowbell Radio. Not quite sure where 2014 went but there were some damn fine records released throughout the year!

As record sales continue to climb there have been a plentiful supply of new releases from both the up and coming and the time served dons. Add to that the ever expanding pool of reissues, re-edits and compilations and we have smörgåsbord of wax to go at.

This Saturday I will be running through the Top 30 records I have been playing on the show and at the clubs and festivals over the last year. The 'maybe' pile is currently overflowing with tracks as the final list is starts to take shape.

There have been casualties and I am bound to have missed or forgotten a few but for me these are the ones that make me think '2014'.

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
End Of Year Throwdown
Saturday 20th December 2014

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